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Clean Neubrutalism Landing Page

We've received a fair number of asks to build more components that look like the hover website. Instead, we built a full template 🫡.

This clean, bold, neubrutalist landing page template makes for a great starting point for a your next startup or side project. Whether that be a venture backed SaaS company or a side project for your portfolio.

This template contains a landing page built with ReactJS on top of NextJS, TailwindCSS, and Framer Motion. You'll find downloads for both JavaScript and TypeScript.

We opted to stick with the NextJS pages router to keep it simple for anyone new to NextJS or wanting to migrate this template out of the framework.

NOTE: We do expect that purchasers of our products have the requisite knowledge of React and TailwindCSS to use them. See our FAQ for more info on our support policy.


AnimationsFramer Motion
OptionsJS & TS