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Better every day

Let's change it up a bit

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You don't know marketing

...but we're going to help. We send out weekly break downs of exactly what's working and what's not for the largest companies in the world. It's free.

Image of Jenn F. - Marketing Director @ Square"I feel like I've learned as much from X as I did completing my masters. It's the first thing I read every morning."Jenn F. - Marketing Director @ Square
Image of Adrian Y. - Product Marketing @ Meta"My boss thinks I know what I'm doing. Honestly, I just read this newsletter."Adrian Y. - Product Marketing @ Meta
Image of Devin R. - Growth Marketing Lead @ OpenAI"Can not believe this is free. If X was $5,000 a month, it would be worth every penny. I plan to name my next child after X."Devin R. - Growth Marketing Lead @ OpenAI

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Hi, I'm Bob.

I'm a Full Stack Developer

I've spent the last 5 years building and scaling software for some pretty cool companies. I also teach people to paint online (incase you've got an empty canvas layin' around 🎨). Let's connect!

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The easiest way to scale your analytics

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