Every component in our library is built with React and Tailwind CSS. Most animations are created using Framer Motion or plain old JavaScript, but you might see a couple of other animation libraries tossed in there now and again!

Make sure to check that you're using the latest version of React, Tailwind, and whatever animation frameworks are used in the component. We make sure to keep all of these up to date.

Also make sure that there aren't any css issues with whatever page you're using the component on. By example, sticky positioning wont work when wrapped inside of an element with an "overflow" set.

If you're up to date and something is still broken, please let us know and we'll take a look ASAP!

When you buy access to Hover, you unlock all current and future components in our library. It's a one time charge. No recurring bill you could forget to cancel in the future 😊

This does not however include any potential future products (courses, templates etc) which we may choose to release.

Sorry, but no. We do not work off of a design file while creating components, thus we're unable to provide any.

Just about anything outside of building a competing service. Personal projects, commercial projects, learning purposes, and even open source are all fine with us. We simply don't allow any repackaging of our components into a competing service (selling a component library, theme builder, template, or other service where the product involves repackaging our components).

Client projects are also perfectly fine, so long as you aren't repackaging our templates to be sold to multiple clients.

We do not offer technical support for component usage. We expect that the purchaser of our product has the requisite knowledge of React and Tailwind CSS to utilize our components.

That said, if you need support for account or licensing issues, feel free to contact us at help@hover.dev.

Contact us within 30 days of your purchase at help@hover.dev for a full refund, no questions asked.